Thursday, June 26, 2008

i'm still lucky

yeah, i am...
actually, semalam top-up hset..
then, after nak go out after office hour tu, i took the card which i already gores and then i threw it away...
so, malam tadi i start smsing my mom..
sedar2 die tulih kedit negatif (i used digi actually)
so, i was like, 'eh, cmne leh negatif, oh god, i must tersilap topup semalam'
geram jugak, but then, i used my usual word which to make me cool, calm, relax
which is-takde rezeki
yeah, dah takde rezeki, nak wat cmne kan?
but pagi tadi, sampi ofis awal, tgk kat tong sampah, (seb baik lum ada org)
so, i found my top up card
so, i pun top up and its working, means, it still unuse
ahhh.... then i thought, oh God (Allah), i'm still lucky!!

hehe, end of this entry dear gentle readers...

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