Tuesday, July 15, 2008

toyota rush

earlier this afternoon
i saw a Toyota Rush parked at the parking area at my office buiding
i observed the car carefully and was thinking
it is not bad at all, even the structure or design seem not too smooth
(like any other car with the same brand)
but still, the car able to bring a lot of stuff while travel
yes, it is...
plus, i prefer toyota better than any other car brand
if i want to buy expensive one la
of course right now, i just use local car..
and its my little sweet marooney kancil dear..haha
cannot afford ma
(kete yang ni pun big boss bayar tau, hehe)

ok2, back to the story, i was thinking if this car
cheaper than 'that' car that we target to buy one day soooooon
so, we might consider this toyota rush and put it in our candidate list
so, what do you think?
but its true. ok. ;p


boo-lah said...

Toyota Rush..ok ape..
cantik pun cantik..
beso pun beso..
Nak murah sikit Perodua Nautica lah..
haha platfom sama gak..

intan zura said...

perodua nautica nampak cam sempit sikit la bullah..
tapi harga lebih kurang kan..
em, thinking thinking...

leen said...

toyota rush mcm kurang lawa
tapi boleh tahan besau
i prefer toyota nautica
tak pun t wish

intan zura said...

leen, sejak bile pule ade t nautica?
setahu sy perodua nautica..
sy pun suke wish ok..
sgt cantik
caldina lagi idaman kalbu!

NuRuL said...

Yeah caldina idaman kalbu.tp mahal.if im not mistaken rush n nautica harge nk lbh kurang.lbh baik amik rush =D

intan zura said...

haah betullah nurul..
better amik rush kan
sgt agree... ;p

leen said...

saya maksudkan toyota caldina tapi tertulis t nautica... silap..

Mohd Hafizd said...

toyota WISH pon ok~~~~

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