Tuesday, February 28, 2012

mi udang & yong tau fu

last 2 week punye citer agaknye. berhenti makan di hentian genting sempah. cube cari kelainan pulak dgn menu nye. so kami makan mi udang dgn yong taufu sup.

 mi udang yg biasa2 aje, what do u expect dari foods dkt rnr kan. tp not bad jugak, rm5 saje pun.

 yong taufu sup yg juge not bad.

last 2 day pergi  area jalan tar nak cari kasut kulit hubs nak pakai keje. biasalah org kaki saiz 11 ni bukan senang nak cari kasut. apetah lagi yg murah, mmglah takde. then nampak sekumpulan besar cyclist bawak sepanduk stop lynas. i tot issue tu dah suram and no one cares anymore. rupenye masih hot lagi. so, what do you think about lynas? is it safe for us, health, security and all?

or all those issues just another politic agenda? i dunno myself, but i personally rasa it is not safe for the environment and of course us. but i still want to believe what najib claimed is true, and i hope it is. and please if you're a grown up dont simply say, i dont care. at least you have to know a little about this issue. after all, its in the country you're living in.

ok, bye.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nampak menarik mee udang tu

huhu lama tak pergi jalan tar, kalau weekends pergi, berpeluh pack manusia

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