Tuesday, February 7, 2012

my January in twitter

kadang-kadang saya share gambar ape yg sy masak or makan or buat or beli di twitter. so, these are what i've shared in twitter along january. saje share kat sini p

 cheap foot patches, i mean if you compare this with kinohimitsu, but i think it works well despite the price.

 one of my fave kuihs, kuih bakar. yummy!

simple late lunch.

nothing likes air longan on a scorching hot day.

 my left ear got infected. sakit gile, tak sangka sakit telinga ni sakit betul.

last dinner before CNY's holiday.


 sarapan, roti tuna.

someone gave us kuah rojak mak bee. sedap mencicah. 

seafood pizza's leftover for bfast. :))

 and my most favorite tweet in january ialah this quote dari @faliqfahmi,

You know where you stand in someone's life if they'll find hundreds of excuses to see you, or not to see you.

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Cik Wanie Ghani said...

amboi mcm2 mkn yer,
sedap2 plak tue,


shahdiana said...

banyak aktiviti in January

Bapak said...

Bapak mula minat bertwitter lately ni..heheh

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