Tuesday, May 15, 2012

kfc dan the avenger

last two weeks, pergi tgk avenger di the mines. 

I really loved it. The dialog had me laughing almost throughout the whole movie. there are  many great moments in this movie esp all scenes with hulk. oh, i love the green monster. haha. but of course, iron man, was the funniest. his character teasing the other guys was always the funny ones to me.

i've only seen both hulk films, iron man both and thor. but seriously i tak familiar dgn the rest of the character. i knew pasal captain america tp tak pernah pun tgk filem tu. but overall, filem avenger ni tak susah pun nak faham.or at least i thought so.

i love the fact that mark ruffalo took the part as hulk, since he played it cool, low and smart. and how the director combine or mix and match the characters to show their contribution as a group. well done.

i heard over the radio, some ppl didn't like the movie. well, obviously semua org ada taste yg berbeza. so, if you enjoyed the movie and find it interesting, high 5!!! :)

before we went into the cinema, we feed ourselves kfc. dah kenyang boleh tgk movie dgn senang hati. hehe. ok, bye!!


cha said...

huhu sian hubby i nk sgt tgk movie ni tp i tak suka sgt tgk movie i suh dia download jeje :p

terliur tgk kfc tu T________T

Bobo said...

tgh download citer ni hehe ramai yg kata best..

jedi said...

belum sempat nak jengah movie ni.....teringin sgt nak tgk cite ni

Kulop Asfarinas said...

Trailer Iron Man 3 dah klua! Nampak macam teruk kali ni Tony Stark kena. Siap masuk spital lagi. Rumah tepi lautnya pon hancus kena tembak. Collection armornya habis terbakar. Babak-babak last seolah-olah menunjukkan Tony Stark/Iron Man akan mati...

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