Friday, July 20, 2012

early dinner @ sweetchat

we went to the mines yesterday. jalan-jalan, pusing-pusing, cuci mata, have fun and makan-makan! haha. hubs amik cuti utk bawa i jalan-jalan since this weekend dah start puasa kan.

 first time nak merasa makan kat sini, baca from some blog review, rata-rata org cakap not bad and ada yg repeat ke situ some more. 

 ambiance was great, we chose to eat outside next to the river.

 honey BBQ burger set. not bad jugak. but definitely wont repeat order this. hehe. RM17.90. quite expensive for this kind of serving.

 comes together w the burger - your choice of sweet ending hots. so i pilih bubur hitam dgn tong yuen. sbg peminat bubur pulut hitam, this one tastes weird! LOL. yg 2 biji tu tong yuen, something mcm kuih inti kacang.

 hot chocolate. yummm! RM6.90

 sekali dlm set burger juga -tropical punch. carbonate drink w fruits flavor something like that. 

 meaty pizza. RM15.90 sedap!!! nipis dan byk cheese, perfect,  just the way i like. the size also ngam ngam ho for us two.

 enjoying my dinner. thanx sayang for the treat.

tak semua menepati citarasa i but will consider come again to chillax and eat the meaty pizza :)

banyak pilihan kat sini. tinggal pilih yg sedap tak sedap jela. pulut kuning ada, serawa durian, nasi lemak. macam-macam. ala-ala cafe. or you can feast your eyes first dkt website dia. go figure! bye :)


cha said...

i peminat bubur hitam jugak so i agak memilih klau nk makan bubur hitam ni hehe

Intan Norhaida said...

ko pg mines ye smlm....patutla...
kalau nk pg lg during ramdhan, let me know beforehand...u know wat i want... :)

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