Thursday, July 12, 2012

one productive sunday...i must say.

last weekend i pergi jumpe fazi and su at su place. mcm i pernah cerita before, they are my two bff that i met during our uni time dulu. we were like 6 of us, but now kalau meet up pun only 3 of us can. the rest stay far from kl except imah but she seemed quite busy handling her life.. hehe. that's okay, we gonna find some time soon to gather again. 

i think this meet up sgt healthy for our friendship. i mean, we are all grown up, married and they got kids. so baguslah jumpe2 supaya friendship tu boleh sampai bila-bila. insyaAllah.

 suwaibah's hubby

 fazi's hubby. i admire how selamba he was. i mean, if he is a guest at any party, he can sit there enjoying the foods while others still malu-malu nak ambik. which is good! so as the party host u tak perlu payah2 sampai 4-5 kali offer ambik foods which is tiring but the guests masih segan2 like me lah. haha.
 mine..<3 hubs adalah paling muda antara semua, their hubby much older dari mine. hehe.

 fazi enjoying the foods

 sorry for the way i posed. just naturally loves doing the peace sign. haha.

3 of us. i just realized how big my blouse was by looking at this pic. ewah.

 then, we went to my uncle's place which only like 10minutes away from su's. 

 cik jak and cik cah. cik cah is my mom's younger sister.

rojak mamak. yummm

hubs tgh layan my cousins main game bola. 3 rounds hubs menang once. haha. ngan budak sekolah pun kalah main, ape ni bang... tak rock lah..hehe...
till i share again next time. bye for now... :)


cha said...

ok terliur tgk rojak tu :(

nordee said...

ye lah...rojak tu nampak cam sedap sangat

Intan Norhaida said...

cik cah msk ke rojak tu???

intan izani said...

taklah beli. hehe.

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