Wednesday, November 7, 2012

a journey to remember

KPMB. the short and sweet 3 months. one day, i may forget the names, the faces of these kids, but i'll remember the memories forever, i promised.


 "you're one in a million" - A

"you're the best lecturer i ever had after 4 semester i'm here" - H

"you treat us like little kids, you're the best mommy ever" - A

"you're so sporting, no one can ever replace you in our heart" -K

"our meeting may be short, but it is so impactful to me" - Y

thank you dear kids.

it is time to move on, looking forward, embrace whatever the future holds for me. goodbye, dear sisters and brothers. semoga sukses dalam hidup korang semua... muahhh :)



Intan Norhaida said...

i'm touched..... hoping you will have better future in whatever field....
p/s: bestkan jd pendidik????

Bb Hussain said...

mesti intan pendidik yg baik kan..mesti diorang sedih..All the best intan :)

cha said...

u lecturer ke? alal jgn sedih k :)

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