Friday, December 28, 2012

best movie in 2012

ini adalah best movie in 2012, from my personal view, in numerical order, so better i start dari the 10th place (last). 

10. looper

a movie about time travel, sounds so cliche, but it wasn't actually. total mindfucked. i love everything except two; levitt's edited face (too distracting) and the ending.

9. safe

 i have to say that chinese girl is the main attraction of the movie. i suka that idea of how that little kid was so good in math and got extraordinary skills in memorization. this movie doesn't really offer anything new to the action genre, but neither does it fail.

8. Avengers

 not so impactful to me, but still i enjoyed watching avengers. hubs suka gila movie ni, bg i ada few action tak berapa best tapi hulk covered semua tu. hulk for the win! *tetiba*

7. What to expect when you're expecting

 i always love this kind of drama. like valentine's day, new year's eve. kalau tak silap org yg sama produce the films. this kind of movie is simple yet deep.

6. We bought a zoo

 a true story about a father who bought a zoo after his wife gone. sedih, best, funny all mixed together. suka sgt kot, albeit the lack of creativity in the title, haha.  this is where i learnt '20 seconds of courage'. frankly said, i used the formula in real life sometimes and it worked :)

5. mission impossible 4: ghost protocol 

 tom cruise still looking hot at 50's. ghost protocol mmg tak mengecewakan. apa yg best dlm mission impossible franchise ni ialah mystery solving yg diorg buat. syok. same goes to this one.

4. Snow white and the huntsman

best, walaupun i tahu ramai tak suke kristen stewart sbb mcm emotionless sikit muka dia kan, tp i okay je. movie ni best sgt, better than the other snow white yg ada julia roberts tu. 

3. Twilight saga: the breaking dawn part 2

perlu ke i explain lagi pasal movie ni? awesome sgt kot. great fighting scenes, great plot development, it was good to see all the characters that had appeared in all the movies being recognized so beautifully in the final credits. kudos.

2. the hunger games

i dah tgk the hunger games like 4 times kot. suka gila. i kept pestering hubs watch this one, but he kept refusing. ganas gila kata hubs, malas nak tgk. stress taww. hehe. jennifer lawrence is da bomb, comel gila kot. watak peeta tu mungkin kalau bg org lain lakonkan lagi best kot, tapi still acceptable la. tak sabar tggu sekuelnya. :)

1. the dark knight rises 

 ultimate fave! i was watching this with high expectation since ramai ckp epic gila, and yes, even with high expectation, still the awesomeness beyond my expectation. the special effects, sound and action were out of the world; superb. no amount of words would be enough to praise christopher nolan for giving us this masterpiece. 10/10.

reminder: there's some high rated movie like the perks of being a wallflower, argo etc yg i belum tgk. maybe the list would be a tad different kalau i dah tgk those. this is only for movie yg i dah tgk.

battleship, the amazing spiderman, the cabin woods etc yg mostly ada dlm list best movie in 2012 from others, tp takde kat sini since i rasa semua film tu tak mencapai kepuasan hati i. amazing spiderman was okay just mcm relax sgt citer dia. ahhh.. that was all. so, what yours?


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cha said...

sume i tak tgk lg. i bukan kaki movie huwaa >.<

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