Sunday, January 27, 2013

the perks of being a wallflower, brilliant!

i should've watch this movie earlier.. 

i have to say this, it was like the best drama movie everrrrrr!!

synopsis:  An introvert freshman is taken under the wings of two seniors who welcome him to the real world.

love the casts, love all the songs, love the twist, everything and above all, the ending is great. 10/10 from me.. :p

before ni, i found this movie in others' best 2012 movies, but i tak tgk lagi. so i've been waiting for the movie like forever. even with high expectation, i still found the movie amazing in nearly all ways. dia macam bagi you all kind of emotions. simple drama yet complicated. hah, gitu kau. not the typical teen drama la.

logan lerman is perfect for the charlie role pada i. charlie's emotions and expressions are exactly how you would picture them to be in this movie... mmg nampak beza sgt la dia dlm percy jackson dgn this one, look years younger summore! and sgt2 cute... hahaha. i rasa all the actors pun mmg best, emma watson mmg undeniably great la kan. ezra miller pun, this is 2nd movie i tgk ezra miller ni, pandai berlakon rupenya. the first movie i tgk dulu, dia jadi gay gak. forgot the title.

and the twist towards the end about aunt helen tu actually mmg unexpected betul but very nicely done la. i mean all the things about charlie make sense lah.

i dah tgk 2 kali, i love drama movie mcm ni. actually i mmg movie freak, so i watch every genre except martial arts or super sci-fi. so this one is totally for you guys to check out. you won't be disappointed.
 too cute!


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